Infinedi, LLC, has helped medical providers better manage their practices since 1986 by providing the finest EDI services available. Infinedi is a privately held company that has grown into a nationwide organization providing electronic claims submission, third-party office management for government medical facilities, and electronic statement processing. Infinedi works with a network of nationwide affiliates that utilize our technology providing local, state and national medical communities with unsurpassed service. We strive to provide our clients with the highest standards for electronic claims submissions, adhering to professional business ethics, providing client education on important topics within our industry, and ensuring our clients' needs are met. Whether you are a small, single healthcare provider or a large government medical facility, Infinedi can help you manage your insurance revenue by providing quick turnaround on insurance claims. Infinedi transmits claims in HIPAA compliant format and has been chosen by the California Medical Association (CMA)as the electronic claims submission solution for its members. Infinedi has made a name for itself. Our growth is accredited to superb customer service. When you choose Infinedi, you will experience the very best care and support.